Va te faire Foot Baby!

The “Everloving/Feal Mor Foosball Cup was held in the In Aqua Veritas space in Silver Lake last Saturday. The Vintage Football show served as the perfectly appropriate decor for the tournament as most of the show was focused on ’70′s French league teams..and that would  be considered the golden age of the French ” Baby-Foot” (table soccer) era. The games were played on the house Bonzini table, which is  really the only way to play this game. Alors…Game on.

They were from Brazil, France the U.S.A and Spain, Canada and the Czech Republic. Morocco and Germany, Ghana and Chile. Holland and Mexico were there too… and some just walked from their digs right here in Silver Lake. Little kids played singles and the adults played doubles, first to 5 single elimination. We got done playing right around midnight but by then everyone was talking about when the next one would be. Party on. The next morning’s “Spring into Daylight Savings” was a little brutal but this week the requests for a repeat have continued. First of all I’m proud  to say my team(Breizh Power) won….  but with my partner Fab Allain it would have been hard to lose. Yes he is one of my old school homies  from Bretagne  but I was as amazed as anyone to see his skills were still intact from back in the “Luna Park” days in Carnac. So that team is now retired and will only come out of retirement in extraordinary challenge circumstances. Whatever that may be. So until the next time…Kénavo.